Randomly Calling Makes Clients Annoyed! 

Most people avoid building a marketing communication overlay prior to launching an outreach call campaign.

Randomly calling is ineffective because jumping from big to small client to different market or product undermines effectiveness.
This tool gives you a way to reach out to a moderate volume of know and unknown clients with calls & emails.
Then this tool gives you the ability to build your client share of currentlky inactive clients.

We invite you to explore how you can create your systematic Email Cadence Campaign. 

The result is you never fail to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future!


Call Cadence Manager

Create email & call campaigns to a medium volume of known & unknown clients.  


The Call Cadence Manager is designed for a medium volume outreach to known and unknown clients. All of the email components used in the Email Cadence Manager can be used here as well, The primary difference is that within the cadence a Phone Call is included in each or the four stages of the cadence. A Confirmation email goes out to let clients know something is coming their way soon, accompanied by a Preparation Survey at each of the four stages. Then a call is made in the initial Promo Stage, then in the Client Profile Stage. Then in the Strategic Analysis Stage and on a recurring basis in the Regular Update Stage. Once the call has been made the regular Notification Email goes out with a link to a set of Client Profile Questions or  Strategic Document Download. Then Reminder emails are set to go out automatically as many times as set by the agent in whatever window between reminder set by the agent. Once an action is completed like Profile Questions answered or a Document is downloaded a Thank You Email is sent will a Completion Survey and for regular updates this is a Challenges Survey that agents use as an early warning system to stay ouut ahead of the changes happening with clients who may need to consider a transaction.

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